Our Product

The card and the padded envelope are free

We are just asking to be reimbursed for the shipping and handling.

Custom made high quality glossy card with a clear belly button eye so the politician can see the light. The back of the card is empty, so you can write a message. We are also including an extra envelope to make it very easy to send the Belly Button Eyeball to your elected officials


Did you remember your:

  • Senator
  • Representative
  • State Senator
  • State Representative
  • City or Town Mayor or Manager
  • Members of the City or Town Council
  • The School Board members

Any politician you feel needs your help to see where he/she is going.

About Us

We are two American Citizens that are sick and tired of seeing how politicians are spending their time fighting with each other instead of doing the job they were elected to do.

We decided to use humor to send a strong message to all our elected officials.

We feel that when you send the Belly Button Eyeball to your elected officials, you will be helping make our Country a better place to live; you will be providing the politicians with a way to see the light when they are in their own little world.

Contact Us

Please let us know the reaction you receive from your elected officials.

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